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Batu Papua Putih:

There were some streets in Jayapura prone to flooding and landslides, namely Ahmad Yani, Sam Ratulangi, Polimak (Batu Putih), Kotaraja and Papua Police housing in Furia. 20 Dec 2002 Indonesia – OCHA Consolidated Situation Report No. 107 Report Yet another piece of the Kinabatangan wildlife corridor jigsaw puzzle fell into place in August 2003 when Sawit Kinabalu Berhad formalised its decision to reserve 1,260 hectares of its Sungai Pin Estate in Batu Putih for a conservation and reforestation To be held by the Regency of Samosir, at the Batu Hoda Beach by Simanindo on Samosir island and at the Open Stage of Pangururan at Pasir Putih Parbaba, the Lake Toba Festival takes the theme: Arga do Bona ni Pinasa, meaning the Most Meaningful Village. As part of our ongoing series, WRI’s researchers have used data from the new Global Forest Watch platform along with preliminary on-the-ground research to analyze Indonesia’s forest fires and with Bukit Batu, Tanah Putih, Kandis, and Medang Kampai He said based on the note, police managed to track down the suspect, who was staying at the Kampung Tanah Putih housing project and bathed in blood in front of their rented house in Kampung Batu Papan, Gua Musang. Her husband rushed her to the Gua .

It is worthy to note that in the super maximum security prison of Lapas Pasir Putih (Nusa Kambangan), there was not one This openness was particularly apparent in prisons in Papua, including for those charged with political offences. The Asian region is an immense area containing the greatest palm species diversity in the world along with the oldest and most assorted types of palm utilization. For the purpose of this chapter, Asia is defined geographically as stretching from Pakistan MALAYSIA – A cut in power supply for six hours cost a fish breeder losses of RM1 million after some 150,000 barramundi (ikan siakap putih) died when its oxygen number of fish reared at its 0.4ha farm in Batu Maung to 100,000 next year. .

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